Transition Ball Training
Transition Ball Training

Attached is a short video:

1) It serves as a commercial for our GreatBase Tennis program. A teenage player, who has tendinitis in her left wrist, rallies with her opposite hand. As a right-hander, she hits the ball so well. Virginia works extremely hard and we hope she can start soon to play as a leftie. 

2) I like the transition balls. We use four types with all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Steve Smith
GreatBase Tennis
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Membership - GreatBase Backboard

Our GreatBase Tennis backboard is $495. Membership has it's privileges. Tennis enthusiasts that join our new website,, can purchase the backboard for $295. Attached is a film of Andy Fitzell hitting the backboard. One can hit 40 balls per minute and the design of the training tool forces one to have vertical, opposed to horizontal, swings on their groundstrokes.

To purchase a backboard, please contact Andrew Garcia at

Steve Smith
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Welby Van Horn - Balance

"Even when in an off-balance position, one should be able to hold their balance."
Welby Van Horn

Welby Van Horn developed his own system of tennis instruction and it was based on balance.
He would orchestrate a tournament on who could hold their racquet and body in position for the longest period of time...
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Common Sense

Attached is an old-post, discussing the health of common-sense in tennis. We have over 1500 hundred posts archived on our new website, The list is a good review for anyone connected to a so-called competitive player.

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Learning - The First 20 Hours
"One should be able to slow-down and self-evaluate."
the late, Welby Van Horn

Josh Kaufman is the author of two books, 'The Personal MBA' and 'The First 20 Hours.' Attached is one of his Ted Talks. His short presentation is on learning. He makes numerous key points that certainly apply to tennis. One is the power of being able to self-correct. This particular comment jumped out at me because one of my mentors, Welby Van Horn, emphasized...
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