Two Legends Compared
Borg & Federer

The two attached tapes will take a couple minutes of your time. I think you will enjoy watching the comparison between Borg and Federer.

Tape #1.... brief explanation.....

Tape #2 ... side-by-side comparison......

Steve Smith
GreatBase Tennis
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The Nuts & Bolts of Roger Federer
* The top players cannot violate physical laws.
* The moment of truth is the contact point.
* The strings do not lie.
* The human-eye sees 24 frames per second compared to a camera.
* As a result, the technique of top players is often mis-interpreted.
* Attached is a film, technical points are reviewed with the goal of helping tennis players and tennis teachers.

Steve Smith
GreatBase Tennis
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Barbara Bush 1925-2018
The former First Lady of the United States, Barbara Bush, passed away yesterday. One positive point about today's media is the amount of content they can immediately produce. I have enjoyed listening to the news coverage. She was so respected. The mother of six, chose literacy to be her mission from the White House and she raised over a 100 million dollars for her cause.

I had forgotten that she was called the "Straight-Talker." It's a safe bet that motherhood prepared her for the political world. Below are a few quotes from Barbara Bush that would help the tennis world, especially tennis parents:

"I'm a great believer that the most important years are the sort of early years and then into the first and second grades. If you get a good base in the first and second grades, and you can read, you can do anything."

"You just don't luck into things as much as you'd think you do. You build step by step."

"Don't play the blame-game."

"Let's judge a person by what they have done."

"I'm worried about parents, who are not parenting."

"You have to love your children unselfishly. That's hard. But it is the only way."

Thanks for sharing.

Steve Smith
GreatBase Tennis
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Rachel Rohrabacher

The other day one of my friends told me to check out Rachel Rohrabacher's tennis results. He is a fan of college tennis. Rachel spent numerous years developing her tennis game in our program. Now she plays in the SEC for the University of South Carolina. Her team has been ranked as high as #5 in the nation and she has contributed numerous wins. Thus far this season, she has a 11-1 record in singles and 11-2 record in doubles. The wins have been against big time teams. The list is impressive: Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, Texas A & M, Mississippi State, UCLA, Clemson and Oklahoma.

Attached is a short video of Rachel as a little kid. To make an understatement, she paid her dues.
Video #1

Following the directive of my friend, I typed in Rachel's name on youtube. I watched the first video that youtube rolled up, a big kid taught me that multi-tasking divides attention.
Video #2

Time flies, it simply goes by too fast. Juniors who want to play college tennis need to be reminded to not waste time.

Steve Smith
GreatBase Tennis
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"Winning tennis does not lead to beautiful tennis but beautiful tennis leads to winning tennis."
Virginia Wade, 1977 Wimbledon Champion

Attached is a short film of a beautiful girl who wants to hit a beautiful one-handed backhand.

Steve Smith
GreatBase Tennis
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