Player Development Success Circles Back .....back to basics...
"If the game's not taught well at the beginning levels, it just doesn't matter.....because the skill was not developed."
Todd Martin

On the attached video, Marc Stein leads a panel discussion with Todd Martin, Paul Annacone and Craig O'Shannessy. The topic is tennis analytics. Marc opens the discussion by stating that tennis is ranked as the second worst sport for analytics. Only boxing is worse.

Throughout the discussion numerous insightful comments are shared that would educate and entertain students of the game.

I agree with Todd Martin. If the game of tennis is not taught well at the beginning levels, the future of American tennis is bleak.

Slice serves out wide in the deuce court, off-pace approach shots, spreading the court, serve plus one combinations and a backhands taken-on-the-rise down the line.......are skills that will only be executed by players who are well taught or are the special athlete who started early with an off the chart competitive spirit.
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Doubles on the Tennis Channel
I am grateful the Tennis Channel has shown doubles during the rain delays this week at Cincinnati. Doubles definitely shows some of the weaknesses of the top singles players who are playing doubles. Modern day players, more and more, are building their games around a big serve and a big forehand.

Pete Sampras had a big serve and a big forehand, yet he had an all-court game that allowed him to play doubles at the highest level. During the 1995 Davis Cup final, Pete proved that he could go years without playing doubles on tour and then just step up and play big time doubles.

Attached is a short video that shows why. The reason players have limited skills is because of the way they were trained in their formative years.
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Every Shot in the Book
Some youtube clips are.........time wasted. Some youtube clips captured.

Raz Ols has put together a special video montage of Roger Federer.

The late Vic Braden was both a fan and student of Roger Federer. Besides watching Roger like the rest of us in spellbound awe, Vic was fortunate to spend years listening to Roger in the press room at Indian Wells.

Vic, a licensed psychologist, was obsessed with the Myer-Briggs personality test. Jon Niednagel, a professional colleague of Vic's, has spent decades using the Myers-Briggs as a foundation to find out more about the personalities and brain-types of world-class athletes.

Vic and Jon classified Roger as an ENTP. E=extrovert, gets his energy from people, N=intuitive, sees down the road, T=thinker, makes decisions based on logic, P=perceiver, is flexible and easy going. ENTP is labeled a 'Planner."

Paraphrasing...... Vic used to say......"That Roger said that when he was young he made a list of all the shots he would have to master to be a great tennis player." Roger had long-term plan.

Raz Ols's video captures art at it's highest form and shows that Roger's plan worked.
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"Edit your life, what's most important to you." Kobe Bryant
Attached is a short ESPN film. Recently Kobe Bryant visited the Alabama football team. When Kobe addresses the team, Nick Saban is in the front row taking notes. The soundbites from the conversation between Bryant, the athlete, and Saban, the coach are powerful messages.

Thanks for sharing. Everyone in sport knows someone who will benefit from the advice of champions.
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.......can mean.....
Take it professionally.

.......can also mean.....
Take it personally.

.....take it..... take advice to get better.
.....take it......take directives to get better.
.....take it..... take compliments to get better.
.....take it..... take criticism to get better.
.....take it..... take sh!t to get better.
.....take it......take the kitchen sink being thrown at you to get better.

If one does not take input professionally, they are taking it personally.

Perhaps Nike's slogan is the best TIP of all.......Just do it.

Long before Nike was Nike.......parents, teachers and coaches were saying.......Just do it....

One should not let their feelings, ego or other defensive mechanisms get in the way of reaching their goals.
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